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The Seventh Tower Series

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The Seventh Tower is a series of six books written by Garth Nix.

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Collins Education

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The series follows two children from distinctly different societies in a world blocked from the sun by a magical Veil which leaves the world in complete darkness.

Tal is a Chosen from the Castle, and Milla is an Icecarl from the Ice. Together they discover that an evil, long thought to have vanished, once more threatens their world, slowly and secretly letting its presence be felt. A pact was broken, and a war dormant for two thousand years is rekindling. Danger looms, and it is up to these two children and a small band of unlikely heroes to save their Dark World.

The books are as follows:

  1. The Fall (2000)
  2. Castle (2000)
  3. Aenir (2001)
  4. Above the Veil (2001)
  5. Into Battle (2001)
  6. The Violet Keystone (2001)
215154 Above the Veil Garth Nix MY 5.3 7 F HarperCollins 978-0-00-726122-2, 0-00-726122-5, Seventh Tower 5.99
215243 Aenir Garth Nix MY 5.2 6 F HarperCollins 978-0-00-726121-5, 0-00-726121-7, Seventh Tower £6.99
217148 Castle Garth Nix MY 5.7 6 F HarperCollins 978-0-00-726120-8, 0-00-726120-9, Seventh Tower 5.99
217742 Into Battle Garth Nix MY 5.5 6 F HarperCollins 978-0-00-726123-9, 0-00-726123-3, Seventh Tower £6.99
217743 The Fall Garth Nix MY 5.9 6 F HarperCollins 978-0-00-726119-2, 0-00-726119-5, Seventh Tower 5.99
224572 The Violet Keystone Garth Nix MY 5.8 7 F HarperCollins 978-0-00-726124-6, 0-00-726124-1, Seventh Tower £5.99

Additional Information

Additional Information

Publisher Collins Education
Cover No
Fiction or Non-Fiction Fiction
Interest Level MY
Reading Level 5.2 - 5.9


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