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ARB Books specialise in providing Accelerated Reader book packs to primary schools and we are committed to giving you the best deals. We offer fantastic prices. But we also provide a bespoke service to meet your requirements.

But what is an Accelerated Reader book? In simple terms, it’s a book that comes with an online quiz to assess a child’s understanding of the text.

Here’s how it works: a child reads a suitably-challenging title; takes an online quiz; and gets instant feedback – which is available to the child, their teacher and even their parents.

ARB Books are official partners of the creators of the Accelerated Reader software, Renaissance. And we offer high quality books for all reading abilities, year groups and levels.

All packs and titles come labelled with:

– The Accelerated Reader Quiz Number

– Interest Level

– Reading Level

On the ARB books website, there are collections from Michael Morpurgo, Roald Dahl, Josh Lacey and Julia Donaldson, among many other writers sure to inspire young readers.

We can provide you with a demonstration of how the Accelerated Reader programme can work for you and your school.

Or ­we can tailor make a pack especially for you – if you call 0161 442 4571.

Book packs are available on approval subject to availability.  

Accelerated Reader is a registered trademark of Renaissance. It is a system used in an increasing number of schools in the UK and around the world to promote children’s reading skills and enjoyment. Children are assessed to determine their reading ability, and can then choose from a range of recommended titles at their reading level. Once they have finished a book, they complete a simple quiz to check that they have read and understood it, and then are given a further list of recommended titles to choose from.

In this way, children can build their reading skills and stamina, and are not put off by books that are too basic or too demanding for them. They also have fun completing quizzes and earning points along the way towards individual or class targets. Struggling readers are well supported, and high achievers are encouraged to read books that really engage and challenge them. Teachers can track children’s progress book by book, and tailor recommendations to a child’s individual needs. Above all, children are highly motivated and inspired by successful reading.

  • We offer all the products from these leading educational publishers.
  • We specialise in Accelerated Reader Book Packs.
  • All the products are available to primary schools on approval.
  • We offer great discounts for primary schools and teachers.
  • We offer a level of customer service that is unsurpassed in the online shopping community.
  • We tailor the service to the individual needs of each customer.
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