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This small, yet exciting pack contains two enjoyable and addictive Titles from the Authors Anne Rooney and Dennis Hamely.  

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This small, yet exciting pack contains two enjoyable and addictive Titles from the Authors Anne Rooney and Dennis Hamely.  

Soldier Boy
When Drew's little brother Martin digs up a bone in the back garden, Drew isn't worried at first. He thinks it's just a dog's bone. But when Martin finds more bones, he realizes they make a hand. To begin with it feels like an adventure, but then the bones seem to move from where Drew leaves them, and someone is writing him spooky messages...It turns out there is a body of a soldier from the Civil War buried in Drew's back garden, but the hand is from someone smaller, a soldier boy who won't rest until Drew and Martin bury his bones again.
- ISBN  0237537273 

Watch Over Her
Everyone on the estate thinks Mrs Cattermole is a bit batty, talking about her non existent 'children' and her precious 'treasure'. She's easy prey for two con men who persuade her they're from the Water Board and break into her house to steal her treasure. But no one knows that Mrs Cattermole's children do exist - the ghosts of children she looked after in the War - and they will do anything to protect her. The two con men are found dead of fright outside her flat, while Mrs Cattermole has also gone to her rest, holding her 'treasure' - a box full of the important details of her life. The children have been watching over her all the time. 
- ISBN 0237537265 

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