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Middle Years Pack | Accelerated Reader | 3.2 - 5.9

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Middle Years Pack from Raintree for Accelerated Reader levels 3.2 - 5.9, Non-Fiction.

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Product Description


 75 exciting and informative non-fiction books rangling from AR levels 3.2-to 5.9, Middle Years. All titles arrive labelled with the IL, BL, AR Points and Quiz Number.

 Titles in this pack include:

Bloodsuckers of the Animal World
Carcass Chewers of the Animal World
Poo and Puke Eaters of the Animal World
Battle of the Olympians and the Titans
Pandora's Vase
Wooden Horse of Troy
Rubbish Munchers of the Animal World
Thor vs. the Giants
Perseus and Medusa
Odysseus and the Cyclops
Thor and Loki
Tracking Bigfoot
The Death of Baldur
The Deadliest Places on Earth
Silly Stories
Mummies and Sound
Twilight of the Gods
Uncovering Mummies
Jason and the Argonauts
Adrift and Alone: True Stories of Survival at Sea
First Moon Landing
Lessons in Science Safety
Allosaurus vs Brachiosaurus: Might Against Height
Triceratops vs Stegosaurus: When Horns and Plates Collide
The Salem Witch Trials
Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria
Mary Seacole, Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell
Pieter Bruegel the Elder and L.S. Lowry
Jars of Hope: How One Woman Helped Save 2,500 Children During the Holocaust
Helen Thayer's Arctic Adventure: A Woman and a Dog Walk to the North Pole
Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Velociraptor: Power Against Speed
Rescue in the Bermuda Triangle
Crafty Crustaceans
Werewolves and States of Matter
Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong
William Caxton and Tim Berners-Lee
Cat Speak: Revealing Answers to the Strangest Cat Behaviours
Interesting Invertebrates
Zombies and Forces and Motion
Water Colours
Amazing Animal Stunts
Ghosts vs Witches: Tussle of the Tricksters
Why do my Ears Pop?
Zombies vs Mummies: Clash of the Living Dead
Vampires vs Werewolves: Battle of the Bloodthirsty Beasts
Animal Classification: Do Cats Have Family Trees?
Rosa Parks and Emily Davison
High-Tech Highways and Super Skyways: The Next 100 Years of Transportation
Power Plays: The Next 100 Years of Energy
The Stone Age Tablet
Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Horses and Ponies
Digestion and Nutrition: What Happens to the Food We Eat?
Why Can't I Hear That?: Pitch and Frequency
The Amazing Story of Mobile Phone Technology: Max Axiom STEM Adventures
Oil Paints
Liquid Planet: Exploring Water on Earth with Science Projects
The Panama Canal
Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
The Life Cycle of Birds
Sea Monsters vs Dragons: Showdown of the Legends
Mapping Communities
Unsolved Mysteries of Nature
Tarantula vs Tarantula Hawk: Clash of the Giants
Scorpion vs Centipede: Duel to the Death
Cat Care: Nutrition, Exercise, Grooming, and More
How to Read a Map
For the Right to Learn: Malala Yousafzai's Story
Assassin Bug vs Ogre-Faced Spider: When Cunning Hunters Collide

Additional Information

Additional Information

Publisher Raintree
Cover Paperback
Fiction or Non-Fiction Fiction
Interest Level MY
Reading Level 3.2 - 4.9


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