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Usborne Accelerated Reader Half Price Pack | 65 Books Ranging from 0.8 to 6.1

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A pack of 65 Accelerated Reader titles from Usborne for half price.

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This pack contains 65 Accelerated Reader titles from Usborne. All books are labelled for Accelerated Reader containing Interest Level, Book Level, Quiz Number and Accelerated Reader points.

This pack features titles from the Usborne Beginners series, the Usborne Phonics Readers series and the Usborne Story Collection for Accelerated Reading series.

Usborne is the UK’s leading specialist children’s book publisher: an independent, family business which creates engaging, innovative, accessible books for children of all ages.  

Usborne Beginners Series - 30 Titles for Accelerated Reading
These colourful information books are for children beginning to read on their own. Full of vivid, full colour illustrations and photographs on every page, accompanied by short, informative text.
History AR Level
Interest Level
Stone Age 4.0 LY
Iron Age 4.0 LY
Egyptians 4.0 LY
Ancient Greeks 4.0 LY
Celts 4.5 LY
The Maya 4.3 LY
Vikings 4.3 LY
Castles 3.6 LY
Digging Up the Past 4.5 LY
Reptiles 4.2 LY
Tadpoles and Frogs 2.6 LY
Rainforests 3.9 LY
Trees 3.4 LY
How Flowers Grow 3.6 LY
Caterpillars and Butterflies 3.6 LY
Spiders 3.5 LY
Bugs 3.7 LY
Bees & Wasps 3.6 LY
Ants 3.5 LY
Earthquakes & Tsunamis 4.6 LY
Sun Moon and Stars 3.6 LY
Living in Space 3.9 LY
Storms and Hurricanes 4.2 LY
Volcanoes 4.3 LY
Astronomy 4.1 LY
The Solar System 4.1 LY
Your Body 4.0 LY
Planet Earth 3.9 LY
Weather 4.0 LY
Usborne Phonics Readers for Accelerated Reading
With simple rhyming text and phonic repetition, Usborne's Phonics Readers are specially designed to develop essential language and early reading. This brilliant box set contains 20 exciting titles from the series. From Mole's mission to find a bigger home to Bug's quest for a good night's sleep, these terrific tales are sure to keep new readers entertained, making the perfect gift for younger children just beginning to get to grips with reading for themselves. 
Ted in a Red Bed 0.9 LY
Ted's Shed 1.5 LY
Toad makes a Road 1.2 LY
Mouse moves House 1.1 LY
Hen's Pens 1.1 LY
Fox on a Box 1.0 LY
Fat Cat on a Mat 1.1 LY
Big Pig on a Dig 0.8 LY
Frog on a Log 1.2 LY
Goose on the Loose 1.1 LY
Underpants for Ants 1.4 LY
Croc gets a Shock 1.2 LY
Bee makes Tea 1.4 LY
Bug in a Rug 1.2 LY
Cow takes a Bow 1.1 LY
Snail brings the Mail 1.1 LY
Crow in the Snow 1.6 LY
Goat in a Boat 1.5 LY
Llamas in Pyjamas 1.6 LY
Raccoon on the Moon 1.4 LY
The Usborne Story Collection for Accelerated Reading
There are stories about animals, dinosaurs, fairies, princesses, wizards and time travel . With comedy, mystery and just a little magic, they are sure to appeal to all kinds of young readers.
Ocean Of Peril 3.6 MY
The Howling Inferno 3.8 MY
Time to Train the Blitz 3.5 MY
Princess Ellie's Secret 4.4 MY
Princess Ellie To the rescue 4.5 MY
Reach for the stars 4.4 MY
The Musical Mouse 4.1 LY
The Secret Necklace 4.3 LY
Wands and Charms 4.8 LY
Unicorn Dreams 4.9 LY
Runaway Horse! 4.8 LY
Very Brave Dog 4.8 LY
The Missing Fans 4.9 LY
Terror on the Training Ground 4.7 LY
Penny Dreadful is a complete Catastrophe 6.1 LY
Penny Dreadful is a magnet for disaster 6.1 LY
Smoke Cat 4.7 LY
Rain Cat 3.6 LY
Oliver moon and the Dragon Disaster 4.3 LY
Oliver Moon and the Potion Commotion 4.0 LY

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Additional Information

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Fiction or Non-Fiction Non-Fiction
Interest Level LY, MY, UY
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