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How Can Reading Recovery Help?

How do you help a child who is unable to read a simple book or write their own name after their first year in school? One answer is to use the Reading Recovery literacy programme.
Red Box Books are keen to promote the programme, which is a short-term intervention, because it’s proven to work. Eight out of every 10 children who complete the Reading Recovery scheme catch up with their classmates, according to research published by the International Literacy Centre.
So Red Box Books, the teacher resource bookseller, have put together a pack of books suitable for six-year-old children who are struggling with reading and ready for Reading Recovery. And in this blog, we’ll tell you more about Reading Recovery and why it’s so successful.
What is Reading Recovery?
It’s a short-term programme for five or six year olds, who are the lowest achieving in literacy after their first year of school. The scheme lasts between 12 to 20 weeks and consists of one-to-one lessons for 30 minutes a day with a trained literacy teacher.
How does a teacher train in Reading Recovery?
The International Literacy Centre, which is part of the Institute of Education at UCL, offers training at Reading Recovery centres across Britain. The courses are part-time and known as Reading Recovery Initial Professional Development. You can find out where your local course is by visiting the International Literacy Centre website.
How does it get such good results?
The one-to-one tuition offered by a Reading Recovery programme has been shown to improve the reading of many struggling children. According to the International Literacy Centre’s website: “84% of children after Reading Recovery are able to read and write within the appropriate band for their age. No other early literacy intervention, group or individual, achieves results comparable to those of Reading Recovery.”
How does it collect evidence of its effectiveness?
Each Reading Recovery teacher has to provide data on the progress made by each child. This information is the basis of an annual monitoring report for the United Kingdom and Ireland. Plus, the effectiveness of Reading Recovery has been supported by an independent review by the Department for Education (Evaluation of Every Child a Reader (ECaR), May 2011). This was a mixed-method multi-faceted programme of research to investigate the implementation, impact and value-for-money of the intervention.
Are there any other statistics?
Yes, here are a few more – four out of five children who completed Reading Recovery at six years old went on to achieve at national attainment levels five years later. Also, Reading Recovery children have reduced the attainment gap between those from economically disadvantaged homes and their peers to…
-       less than 5 percent in reading at level 3 and 5 percent at level 4
-       3 percent in writing attainment at level 3 and 5 percent at level 4
These are just a few reasons why Reading Recovery has a great reputation for helping children with their reading and bringing them up to the level of their peers. Order our collection of titles suitable for Reading Recovery below.
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