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AR Fiction Pack

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45 fiction titles. A fantastic way to engage reluctant or struggling readers, these books are all Accelerated Reader quizzed.

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This Accelerated Reader pack features 45 fiction titles from Raintree. The books, by a range of authors, cover a wide range of topics to appeal to a variety of young readers. A fantastic way to engage reluctant or struggling readers, these books are all Accelerated Reader quizzed.

ISBN: 9781474720182
ISBN SERIES TITLE COVER Reading Level Interest Level  
9781406242393 Little Boost Maybe When I'm Bigger PB 1.7 LY  
9781406242997 My First Classic Story The Lion and the Mouse: A Retelling of Aesop's Fable PB 1.9 LY  
9781406243109 The Other Side of the Story Honestly, Red Riding Hood was Rotten!: The Story of Little Red Riding Hood as Told by the Wolf PB 2.0 LY  
9781406242287 Mighty Mighty Monsters The Monster Crooks PB 2.2 LY  
9781406218466 Time Blasters T.Rex vs Robo-Dog 3000 PB 2.3 LY  
9781406275650 Eek and Ack Eek Discovers Earth PB 2.4 LY  
9781406242386 Little Boost Eleanor Won't Share PB 2.4 LY  
9781406251135 Animal Fairy Tales Goldiclucks and the Three Bears PB 2.5 LY  
9781406280463 Perfectly Poppy The Summer Party PB 2.5 LY  
9781406261868 Arabian Nights Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves PB 2.6 MY  
9781406294521 Library of Doom: The Final Chapters Death Sentence PB 2.7 MY  
9781406279511 Krypto the Superdog Crisis of Infinite Kryptos HB 2.8 MY  
9781406261813 Just So Stories How The Camel Got His Hump PB 2.9 MY  
9781406266368 Pony Tales Naughty Norton PB 2.9 LY  
9781406292282 Adventures at Hound Hotel Homesick Herbie PB 3.0 LY  
9781406275278 Kylie Jean Drama Queen PB 3.1 LG  
9781406266344 Pony Tales Norton's First Show PB 3.1 LY  
9781406261820 Just So Stories How The Elephant Got His Trunk PB 3.3 MY  
9781406279689 Pet Friends Forever A No-Sneeze Pet PB 3.3 LY  
9781406243284 Shakespeare Graphics Macbeth PB 3.3 MY  
9781406292299 Adventures at Hound Hotel Mudball Molly PB 3.4 LY  
9781406236637 DC Super-Pets Salamander Smackdown PB 3.4 LY  
9781406212815 Library of Doom The Beast Beneath the Stairs PB 3.4 MY  
9781406266443 Edgar Allan Poe Graphic Novels The Murders in the Rue Morgue PB 3.6 MY  
9781406279658 Pet Friends Forever The Doggone Dog PB 3.6 LY  
9781406279665 Pet Friends Forever The Great Kitten Challenge PB 3.7 LY  
9781406215953 School Mysteries The Runaway Skeleton PB 3.7 MY  
9781406216059 School Mysteries Pirate, Big Fist and Me PB 3.7 MY  
9781406261967 Echo and the Bat Pack The Thing in the Sewers PB 3.8 MY  
9781406247268 Troll Hunters Skyfall PB 3.9 MY  
9781406293951 Dino-Mike! Dino-Mike and the T. Rex Attack PB 4.0 LY  
9781406266740 Ridgeview Riding Club Making Waves PB 4.1 MY  
9781406262025 Echo and the Bat Pack The Chilly Mammoth PB 4.2 MY  
9781406292954 Mermaid Kingdom Cora's Decision PB 4.2 MY  
9781406292961 Mermaid Kingdom Shyanna's Wish PB 4.2 MY  
9781406262018 Echo and the Bat Pack The Ghost of Dr Mould PB 4.3 MY  
9781406294101 Museum Mysteries The Case of the Stolen Sculpture PB 4.3 MY  
9781406293968 Dino-Mike! Dino-Mike and the Museum Mayhem PB 4.4 LY  
9781406293982 Dino-Mike! Dino-Mike and the Jurassic Portal PB 4.4 LY  
9781406266764 Ridgeview Riding Club Team Challenge PB 4.5 MY  
9781406275797 Minerva Mint Merlin's Island PB 4.7 MY  
9781406242249 Bloodlines A Time for War PB 5.2 MY  
9781406285703 Shadow Squadron Dark Agent PB 5.3 MY  
9781406242218 Bloodlines Blood Brotherhood PB 5.8 MY  
9781406266542 Shadow Squadron Black Anchor PB 6.2 MY  

Additional Information

Additional Information

Publisher Raintree
Cover No
Fiction or Non-Fiction Fiction
Interest Level MY
Reading Level 1.7 - 6.2


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