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Accelerated Reader Quizzed selection for Year 2

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Great collection of 61 books all quizzed for Accelerated Reader. Great topics and range of levels to suit Year 2 children – something for everyone in your Year Group

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Great collection of 61 books all quizzed for Accelerated Reader. Great topics and range of levels to suit Year 2 children – something for everyone in your Year Group.


Books about creepy crawlies, dressing up or football are sure to keep Year 2 readers gripped. ARB Books have collected together an Accelerated Reader Pack of 61 titles covering a diverse mix of family life, sport, travel, health, nature and animals.

Many of the titles are from Engage Literacy, a new reading scheme from publisher Raintree that features contemporary content in order to motivate and support early readers. And we’re sure these selections will capture the imagination of youngsters looking for fun and adventure.

Here are some selected highlights from the pack…

Crazy Creepy Crawlies

Author: Isabel Thomas

Learn all about beastly beetles, super spiders and wicked wasps. This book is part of the Extreme Animals series, which looks at odd or scary creatures from around the world. 


Author: Michael Hurley

Discover fascinating and unusual facts about football, such as the highest scoring game, the largest ball in the world, and the greatest male and female players. Themed boxes, charts, captions and labels make the text in this book easy to read and absorb. The engaging design will draw readers in and keep them hooked. 

Mexico: A Benjamin Blog & his Inquisitive Dog Guide

Author: Anita Ganeri, Illustrator: Sernur Isik

Join intrepid explorer Benjamin Blog and his inquisitive dog Barko Polo as they travel to one of the world's most fascinating countries: Mexico! There are chapters on Mexican history, geography, cities, people, and food, as well descriptions of this unique country’s most famous places, such as Guadalajara and the ancient city of Chichen Itza.

Sharks: Built for the Hunt (Predator Profiles)

Author: Tammy Gagne

What makes sharks such dangerous predators? This book reveals all you need to know about their speed, razor-sharp teeth, hunting styles and diet. Fun Facts and an Amazing but True section will thrill readers and give them a closer look at the lives of these awesome creatures.

Teasing isn't Funny: What to do about Emotional Bullying

Author: Melissa Higgins, Illustrator: Simone Shin

Jesse and the other animals at the bus stop make fun of Kelly’s fluffy fur and plain clothes. The constant teasing makes Kelly the cat feel sad. Young readers watch Kelly struggle with the teasing and learn safe ways to make it stop. Sensitive illustrations of gender-neutral animal characters help all children relate to the issue of emotional bullying.


Title IL BL AR Points AR Quiz No
Lea is Hungry LY 0.8 0.5 225311
Apples LY 1.0 0.5 229230
Harvest Time LY 1.0 0.5 229232
Pumpkins LY 1.0 0.5 229233
All About Christmas LY 1.0 0.5 229228
All About Winter Weather LY 1.0 0.5 230584
What's in a Tree? LY 1.0 0.5 229236
What's in a Pond? LY 1.0 0.5 229235
To the Moon LY 1.1 0.5 227137
Night-time Noises LY 1.1 0.5 228474
Autumn Leaves LY 1.1 0.5 229231
Pippa and the Flowers LY 1.2 0.5 227136
Dress-up Day LY 1.5 0.5 225383
Our Baby LY 1.5 0.5 225388
Let's Dance LY 1.5 0.5 228471
Henry Helps with the Baby LY 1.6 0.5 221823
Off You Go! LY 1.6 0.5 227135
Bird Babies LY 1.6 0.5 225454
Minibeast Babies LY 1.6 0.5 225455
Owls LY 1.6 0.5 228476
Circus Tricks LY 1.7 0.5 225382
Ways We Come to School LY 1.7 0.5 225392
Letter to Sam LY 1.8 0.5 225385
Clean Up Shelly Beach LY 1.9 0.5 228470
Teasing isn't Funny: What to do about Emotional Bullying LY 2.3 0.5 230061
Mammal Babies LY 2.4 0.5 225457
Bella the Storyteller LY 2.4 0.5 230216
All about Teeth LY 2.5 0.5 225420
Animals with Fins, Animals with Fur LY 2.6 0.5 225421
The Night Dad went to Prison LY 2.7 0.5 230032
Big Machines Ride Rails LY 2.8 0.5 226969
Herbivores MY 2.8 0.5 230225
City Life, Farm Life LY 4.0 0.5 225335
Boats LY 4.0 0.5 225333
Playing Team Sports LY 4.3 0.5 225340
Egypt: A Benjamin Blog and His Inquisitive Dog Guide LY 4.8 0.5 226958
Special Celebrations around the World LY 2.9 0.5 228480
Around the World in 80 Days MY 3.9 0.5 229168
Omnivores LY 3.0 0.5 230231
Elephants are Awesome LY 3.0 0.5 228284
A Day and Night in the Amazon Rainforest LY 4.0 0.5 228421
Marvellous Mammals LY 3.2 0.5 222647
Crazy Creepy Crawlies LY 3.4 0.5 222645
Ballet LY 4.1 0.5 224292
A Nature Walk in the Woods LY 3.4 0.5 226988
A Nature Walk on the Farm LY 3.3 0.5 227073
How to Read a Map MY 4.9 0.5 224296
Football LY 3.9 0.5 224323
Mexico: A Benjamin Blog & his Inquisitive Dog Guide LY 4.8 0.5 226962
Grizzly Bears-Built for the Hunt LY 3.9 0.5 228907
Sharks-Built for the Hunt LY 3.8 0.5 228909
Making Music Festival LY 3.3 0.5 225336
Cleaning Water LY 3.5 0.5 230511
The Most Adorable Animals in the World LY 4.1 0.5 228413
Working Animals of the World LY 3.9 0.5 228416
Pushing Isn't Funny LY 3.1 0.5 230059
A Day and Night in the Sonoran Desert LY 3.8 0.5 228420
Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong MY 4.3 0.5 229002
Goodbye Jeeper's LY 3.7 0.5 230030

Additional Information

Additional Information

Publisher Raintree
Cover No
Fiction or Non-Fiction Fiction
Interest Level LY, MY
Reading Level 0.8 - 4.9


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